Maintenance of the water dispensers is a must to ensures clean and hygienic drinking water at all times.

Apart from the 1 year warranty of spare parts, we also provide maintenance contracts.

The table below states the services and benefits we provide under the contract.



Service Benefits
  • 4 times free checking and servicing per year (quarterly).
  • General Cleaning and sterilization of the water filters.
  • Clean and polish product's sink surface and body.
  • Remedy choked pipes or drainage problems.
  • Through check on all existing joints and connections.
  • Resetting thermostat back to original temperature if necessary.
  • Changing of water filter cartridge upon customer's request. (Additional charge applies)
  • Prolongs the life span of the products when serviced regularly.
  • Hygiene purposes.
  • 10% discount for all spare parts.
  • Transportation, labour and servicing
  • Charge waived even for impromptu requests.
Contact Duration
1 year $150
2 years $280

Price of Water filter cartridge:
$70. Additional 10% off on contract customers.

Upon entering into the maintenance contract, the owner must adhere to the following terms and conditions.

  1. a.) To keep water cooler/dispenser in good working condition by proper usage.
    Replacement of parts will be charged separately.
  2. b.)To advise us immediately on any defects found in the water cooler/dispenser and not to permit any person from meddling with the said item.
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