LG GB-B5191PZ Bottom Mount Refrigerator


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Linear Inverter Compressor

Multi Air Flow

Dual Tower LED

Retractable Shelf

LG top freezer refrigerators offer a wide range of innovative ways to keep your food fresher. From Bioshield™-treated door seals to Vitamin Plus Kits and Fresh 0 Zones that help specific areas of your top freezer refrigerator maintain a lower consistent temperature, our cutting-edge features mean that you’ll be able to keep your favourite foods fresher for longer. In addition to leading-edge refrigerators, we also offer a full range of convection microwave and solo microwave ovens to help you cook meals quickly and efficiently.
LED LIGHTING LED Lighting is more energy efficient & has longer life span than conventional bulb lighting. Multiple location at the top in freezer and back in fridge for better illumination even with food loaded condition.
THE BIOSHIELD™ ADVANTAGE The door seals of the refrigerator are treated with anti-microbial agent to prevent the growth of mould which can distort the seal of your refrigerator. The doors can then be tightly closed at all times with no cold air seeping out to maintain coldness, thus saving energy. MOVING ICE TRAY LG’s new top freezer refrigerator has a detachable & moving ice maker which you can easily take out and move this ice tray whenever they need more freezer space.
ENERGY SAVING LG Smart Inverter Compressor responses to variable load conditions by adjusting cooling power for better energy efficiency. Cooling power is automatically controlled according to the inside and outside temperature conditions of refrigerator.
Model GB-B5191PZ
Size (L x W x H) 70 x 172 x 70cm
Weight (Kg) 70
Smart Diagnosis Yes
1 Year of Local (Singapore) manufacturer warranty

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